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Creating Innovative Plans for Your Organization

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Improve the overall operations of your organization with H&HS Consulting Group LLC. We are a local consulting firm, providing a variety of services for your organization to increase consumer satisfaction rates that lead to repeat business. We are committed to helping your organization by improving the quality and efficiency of the services you provide. We offer a variety of consulting services, including:

  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Quantitative/Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strategic Redirection of Services
  • Consumer Behavior Research
  • Data Tracking

Assisting with Health and Human Services

Our research has shown that consumers value well-organized and coordinated care from their health and human services providers. This can only be achieved through efficient care and attention to detail. Your consumers deserve this level of attention, and we give you the tools you need to get there. Our focus is to assist your organization add value to the services you provide. Additionally, we offer training and workshops, such as:

  • Engaging Clients in Care
  • Care Coordination
  • Customer Satisfaction 101
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Effective Communication Skills for the 21st Century
  • The Affordable Care Act and You
  • Managing Challenging Consumers
  • Grant Writing 101
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Your Consulting Partner

As your partner, our number one goal is to help you deliver the care your consumers demand. That's why we provide comprehensive consulting services and deliver quality services with measurable results. We value our customers and strive to keep you satisfied with our services.

Technical Assistance

We provide a variety of options available for you to use to your advantage. Several of the technical assistance services we have available include:

  • Grant Writing
  • Commissioned Studies
  • Marketing
  • Public Policy Consultations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Public Relations
  • Interpreting & Translation Services
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural Competency Training